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to Rush fans; and maybe everyone else too

July 5, 2010

Although Rush is one of the best selling bands of all time, behind the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, Rush fans are typically hard to find, seemingly lost in the fringes of the city.  But, obviously, there are millions of passionate Rush fans in every city of every state and around the world. 

I have more recently come to realize the reason for this.  All that is Rush lies in the band’s ability to articulate the ideological make-up of the middle class  as we struggle to remain independent of predetermined social constructs.  From Fly By Night  to their most recent single BU2B, Rush remains wide eyed in the marketplace, stubbornly resisting the force of collective man, relentlessly pursuing  truth beyond insulated borders. 

Rush continues to have the courage to explore the world through their eyes, but more importantly, for themselves.  We are Rush fans because we are all living the life of middle class man; each of us fiercely defending our individualism by searching independently for that fountain in the east,  all the while finding comfort in knowing that 3 kids from our home town, right here in Middletown, are doing the same.

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