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Fear(s) of the Dark [DSoF at Fango]

August 3, 2009

If you really want to know a man, study his fears. If you want to force a man to face his fears, turn out the lights. If you want to drive a man insane, imprison him in darkness. “I do nothing so I’m scared; I’m scared so I do nothing. Fears in my head are fencing me in; I am a prisoner. I am scared of man.”  And a man afraid of man is but a man afraid of himself. 

Fear(s) of the Dark, a visually stunning animated French import (aka Peur(s) du Noir), dredges the caverns of the human condition and unearths a raging battle as ancient as consciousness itself.  Humanity is a species driven by fear. Burdened with the knowledge of its own mortality, it struggles each day for survival.  Unconsciously adapting to evolving environments, there is only one constant anchoring the human experience: death.  And this inevitability breeds within each human being the irrational fears that paralyze and thus limit the individual’s potential.

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