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221 Issues of Fangoria Later….

May 7, 2009

Fangoria 62

Happy Birthday Fangoria!  As I carefully removed the plastic cover from my 30th anniversary edition of Fangoria, I immediately began to consider the influence of the magazine over my development. I was 14 years old, working at Burger King, when an overweight, pimply high school senior told me about a horror magazine called Fangoria.  I entered Ted’s News with an eager anticipation of what I was going to find.  Suddenly I saw it, and the skull from Evil Dead 2 has been burned into my mind for eternity.  My first issue.  For years, I refused to buy a subscription so as not to be denied the thrill of going to Ted’s News, then the comic store in Gainseville, then Barnes and Noble in Oregon, and then Borders when I moved back to Miami.  Finally, once I began my career, after 14 years of slowly walking to the magazine racks, scanning the glossy covers until Fangoria’s new cover revealed itself to me, I decided a subscription would be much more convenient.

To this day, the only reviews I read are Fango’s.  The only movie news I read are Fango’s.  Thank you for respecting the genre and for continuing to expose me to the newest, most daring, and most innovative filmmakers in the world.  Thank you for introducing me to Raimi, Craven, Hennenlotter, Aranofsky, Natali, Kelly, Barker, McCammon, Laymon, Goblin, Argento, and on and on and on.  When I read Fangoria, 23 years after my first issue, I feel the same excitement at the terror teletype, Dr. Cyclops, and the Nightmare Library. I know that when Fango gives its seal of approval, that I have been given a gift of something new and unique.

When I was in highschool, I removed the covers from my first 40 issues and meticulously placed each one on my bedroom wall in 4 rows of 10.  My mother freaked out and called a psychologist who told her not to worry, “it was normal.”  My oldest friends still ask me if I read Fango, and reminisce about my “wall of horror.”  But I have always stood alone in my thirst for the genre and all news about it.  And as I have grown older, I have continued with my passion for the darker side of film.  Lucky for me, and for everyone out there like me, Fangoria has too.

Thanks Fangoria, for everything.

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